Only cold-pressed oil retains its vitamins and biological substances

Hit is extremely important that an oil is cold pressed to be considered a truly high-quality health food. During the production process, only the vitamins and bio-active substances are optimally preserved. Our cold-pressed oil is therefore never heated above 28 degrees Celsius during manufacture. Thus, our hemp oil and pumpkin seed oil is of the highest possible quality and are both completely organic and edible oils. That’s why our oil is so healthy.

Our oil is also labelled ‘Superior Quality’. During several international Food & Drink events, our oils have received several gold medals. E-Oil’s hemp oil and pumpkin seed oil is distinguished from others by its incredibly high content of vitamins, minerals, natural dyes, antioxidants, natural sterols, amino acids and essential fats.
These are all nutrients that are crucial to human health.

We recommend adding 1 or 2 tablespoons to the diet daily. This applies to both our high-quality pumpkin seed oil and our biohenin seed oil.

Our oil is a health food confirmed by the Heart Foundation and World Health Organization

Our cold-pressed unrefined oil is stamped as proof of a health diet. This has been confirmed by the Heart Foundation and the World Health Organization. The e-Oil organic oils actually help with health, something that has been confirmed by various studies and should therefore be your first choice when buying healthy food.

Both e-Oil oils are organic and cold pressed. The raw materials used for our oils have been carefully selected and meet the European organic food label and HACCP food safety standards. This is why our oil is certified by the renowned agency Veritas in Amsterdam.
Our hemp seed oil and pumpkin seed oil are also: organic, unrefined, vegetable, vegetarian, kosher and halal. In addition, our products have never been genetically modified (NON-CMO).

Our pumpkin seed oil comes from fram oil factory.

Fram is an oil production company that has been around since 1750. With over 250 years of experience, expertise and tradition, this company is the leading oil producer. The production process is precise, intensive and long-lasting and it requires optimal conditions to ensure the highest possible quality oil. Fram has the oldest oil mill in Slovenia and produces the most superior quality vegetable and edible oils worldwide.

Fram and e-Oil act in accordance with haccp’s food safety standards. We also have the European label for organic products. In addition, our pumpkin seed oil is designated with a Protected Geographical Indication. This means that you have complete certainty that our product is actually made in Slovenia, the Steiermarken-Prekmurje region. Steiermarken-Prekmurje region is known worldwide for its Pumpkin Seed Oil.

HACCP Safety Certificate